The biggest problem with "To The Bone"

Alex Meyers


July 28, 2017

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To The Bone Video Essay

Netflix has been trying to tackle the hard issues for a while, and I certainly appreciate that. With Dear White People, 13 Reasons Why, and now To The Bone, we see them trying to shine a light on topics that most people wouldn't touch.

But, they sorta come up short in a lot of ways.

The movie mentions magazines and media portrayals, but the limited info we get from the movie about why Ellen or Luke have their issues has nothing to do with magazines or whatever. The movie kind of counters its own point... unless that WAS the point, in which case they just kind of glossed over it.

The fact that Ellen is in a house full of girls and we NEVER learn about them, their stories/past or anything really ruins the message I think To The Bone was going for. Ellen's case on its own is rather extreme and, I would assume, not too relatable for most people.

As for the part at end, of course I'm not saying I know what its like because "Waahh I used to be fat".

The point I was making was that the movie ends with "Ellen's Mom is nice to her and now her issues are gone". But, this is a life long struggle that she is going to have. Even me, with my very, very light experience, still have these issues some 12 years later.

The movie, however, has a sort of fairytale ending that completely glosses over this, I think, very important point.

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