Switched At Birth: Story of two children switched at maternity hospital by mistake

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June 19, 2016

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As a result of a mistake at a maternity hospital, two boys were raised in the wrong families and never knew why they looked so different from their parents and siblings. But one day the truth came out.
Twenty years ago, two women gave birth to two boys, a blond and a brunet, on the same day at the same maternity hospital. The brunet grew up in a happy fair-haired family and the blond was raised in a depressive atmosphere of poverty amid the father's constant suspicions about his wife's adultery. Later on, his father passed away and left the woman and her son to survive on their own in a remote northern city. When both boys found out who their real parents were, their lives changed dramatically. Is there a winner in the chess game destiny has played with these people’s lives?

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