I Bought The First 5 Things YouTube Recommended To Me

Safiya Nygaard


July 05, 2017

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I bought the first 5 things YouTube recommended to me! I did an ad haul with Facebook and with Instagram and you guys wanted to see more so I did it again with YouTube! I wanted to try out some of the things from the YouTube ads I could find on my channel, so I bought some to see how they were, and then I did a massive YouTube haul, with lipsticks, energy drinks, razors, songs, and custom websites … apparently YouTube thinks I really need a Red Bull, lol.

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My new website is HERE: https://www.safiyasnewintrosong.com/

Many thanks to androzguitar & soulriter on fiverr! (Yes there is a second bonus song on the website! lol)

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Mind The Gap
Bank Job
Tommys Tango
Mesmers Fantasy
Don’t Hold The Feeling
Good Time
Its On You
I Want Action
Oohs And Ahhs
Ride It Out
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