Fiorentina - Bologna 2-1 - Highlights - Giornata 4 - Serie A TIM 2017/18

Serie A TIM


September 17, 2017

966 29

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Category: Sports
Rating: 9/10 - Very Good
Tags: Highlights, Serie A, Campionato, 2016/17, Calcio, Goal, Soccer, Giornata, Gol, Rete, Football, Calcioitaliano, Match, Partita, Andata, Ritorno, Score, Risultato, FootballItalia, Rigore, sp:vl=it, sp:st=soccer, sp:li=seri, sp:ty=high, sp:ti:home=FIO, sp:ti:away=BGN, sp:dt=2017-09-16T17:00:00+01:00, Fiorentina, Bologna, Chiesa, Pezzella, Palacio

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